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What I really love me My boyfriend

What I really love me My boyfriend?
Any time a boyfriend calls off the relationship, you'll want to know whether or not it can be saved.  But before you go about trying to get your ex back, it's always helpful to know whether or not he still needs and wants you.  The following behaviors are all indicitive of an ex who's still not finished with dating
you yet, meaning there might still be ways to reverse the breakup and save your romance.

Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me?

There's no bigger question when it comes to getting dumped. Anytime a relationship ends unexpectedly, there will always be lingering questions about why.  Sometimes a guy will leave because he truly thinks it's over... but other times he's just pushing the relationship to the side in order to pursue something (or someone) else.  In these cases there are usually residual feelings and emotions that your boyfriend still has for
you, the only problem is that - at least for now - he's burying them.

By asking yourself the following questions, you can determine whether or not your exboyfriend still has feelings for you.
Knowing the signs that your ex wants you back is one of the critical ways you can know when your efforts to win back your boyfriend are working, and whether you should continue along the path you've been taking.

Did Your Ex Boyfriend Ask To Be Friends After The Break Up?

If so, this is a pretty big sign he's not done with seeing you.
Your ex wants to stay friends because it allows him to know where you are, and even better, who you're seeing.  This enables him to continue doing his own thing as long as he can keep you
in his pocket.  Being friends with your ex is a comfortable way to break up, because it still allows you to contact, communicate with, and even see each other.  If your ex made this offer to you, hopefully you knew exactly what to do... and you refused it.

Does Your Ex Still Call You?

A boyfriend who keeps in contact after he dumps you is one of two things: wishy-washy, or possessive.  Either your exboyfriend is still on the fence about the break up (wondering whether or not he should date you again) or he possessively doesn't want you dating anyone else right now.  When they end the
relationship, guys don't want to see you moving on very quickly - at least not until they get the chance to move on with their own lives.  Calling you all the time is his way of seeing what
you're up to.  Oh, and don't let him tell you it's just because "He wants to see how you're doing".  When he says that?

What Does it Mean When Your Ex Says He Misses You?

It means "Don't go anywhere just yet... I might change my mind".  Your ex boyfriend isn't ready to let go, and still wants to know you're there.  The fact that he says he misses you is a pretty big step: he's going out on quite a limb here.  If you want your ex back, you can tell him you miss him too.  But at the same time, you can't seem too anxious or desperate to hear from him right now.  Steering clear of your ex after he breaks things off with you is one of the fastest ways to get your
boyfriend back.
Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me?

Does Your Exboyfriend Send You Conflicting Text Messages?

Text-messages are funny things.  They're so easy to send, that many guys will shoot them off without thinking things through.
When your ex is lonely, missing you, or maybe even drunk, he might send you a message that tells you his true feelings.
You'll ask yourself "does my ex boyfriend still love me?" when you get these messages, because it will sure seem that way. 

But then, the next day, you'll get the other type of text-message.  The one where he's "confused" or "needs to
think".  These texts directly conflict with what he sent you the night before, because he's had the time to think about his actions.  In this case, yes - he may still love you.  But he definitely has some kind of need for you, and that's good.  To get your ex back, you'll have to feed that need by staying away, not answering his calls or messages, and giving your boyfriend a chance to miss you by leaving him completely alone.

What Does it Mean When Your Boyfriend Says He Needs Time To Himself?

It means he's being selfish.  Your ex wants to go out and do whatever he wants to, including dating and seeing other girls.
At the same time, he wants you to wait around for him under the false hope that maybe, just maybe, he's having some sort of inner journey of self-discovery that will end with him realizing how much he loves you.  Yuck.

When a guy tells you he needs time alone, let him know that's fine by you.  Start off his alone time by not even answering such a message, and then go out and do your own thing for a while.  When you're not answering your exboyfriend's phone calls, emails, text-messages, IM's, and you haven't written jack on his Facebook wall?  He'll realize he's suddenly drowning in all the space you've given him.  He'll need to know what's up with you, but will be unable to call you without giving away his feelings.  But he'll do it anyway - because guess what?  Your ex boyfriend does still love you.  He was just trying to have his cake and eat it too.

Has Your Ex Boyfriend Cried Over Your Relationship?

When the breakup occurred, did you notice that your ex got emotional?  Guys who can push a broken romance off to the side of the road and abandon it may be emotionally done.  Hopefully, if you want your boyfriend back, you saw some sort of inner struggle.  Maybe even some tears.  Even the toughest guys are
not impenetrable, and left alone to his own thoughts your exboyfriend's thoughts will often turn to you.  When he calls you up, try to analyze his voice to see if he's hurt, depressed, or even broken up about not being with you.  And if you see him?
 Try to analyze his body language for similar behaviors.
Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me?

Did Your Ex Get a New Girlfriend Immediately After Breaking Up With You?

Signs of a rebound relationship include your exboyfriend quickly jumping right into a new romance.  If this happened, you may be crushed by it... thinking that your chances of getting him back are slim to none.  In actuality though, the faster he started seeing someone else the more likely he is to not be over you yet.  Guys can easily start seeing someone new, but the caring and emotional aspects won't be there.  Most rebound relationships fail rather quickly, and if this happens it's going to leave your ex boyfriend vulnerable and looking for someone loving and familiar: you.

So - Does my ex boyfriend still love me?  There are many signs and signals to look for.  The above examples can give you some guidelines as to whether or not your ex still has feelings for you.  But eventually, if you want your boyfriend in your arms again, you'll need to develop a step by step plan for getting him back.  By knowing exactly what to do and exactly when to do it?  You can increase the chances of you and your ex getting back together ten times over, instead of just leaving it to chance.